Unit Structure

Armstrong utilizes a Task Group system for most contracts that are taken. As a result, a fully equipped and deployed Task group contains forty-four members of Armstrong broken into three Outfits, each with two teams, each with two crews contained in them.

The idea of the Task Group System was that no one commander should have more than four people to watch out for and monitor and command at one time with many only having three people under direct command. Along with that, the Task Group System is designed for almost plug and play functionality. Any Crew can be replaced for mission requirements with few consequences to the rest of the Task Group.

For an example of the responsibility per the size of a unit, a Task Group would be responsible for attacking a town, an outfit would be responsible for taking a street, a team would be responsible for taking a block of houses, and a crew would be responsible for taking a house.

A Task Group is the most common formation that is deployed in a contract. Lead by a Partner, Task Groups are the largest tactical unit utilized by Armstrong. Task Groups are responsible for the completion of most contracts that Armstrong receives. Task Groups have at call, most of resources that Armstrong can provide including Air Support, Medivac, Resupply, etc.

An Outfit is middle tactical unit used in the Task Group System. Commanded by an Associate, an Outfit consists of two teams and said Associate, containing 13 members in total. Outfits should be the most widely used tactical unit in any contract. Due to their sustainability and firepower, Outfits are capable, within reason, of being self sufficient in fights for much longer that Teams and Crews.

A Team is the smallest tactical unit in the Task Group System. Commanded by a Team Coordinator, a Team consists of two crews, containing six members in total. In a Team, the first Crew is lead by the Team Coordinator and the second by the Senior Contractor. While Teams do have increased staying power due to their six members, this should not fool a commander. Teams require sufficient support from other Teams and Outfits to accomplish tasks.

A Crew is the smallest organized unit that is used on the battlefield. Consisting of only three members and lead by a Senior Contractor, a Crew is dependent on their team for both security and support. A Crew can be detached for a short time whether for a bounding action or to deploy and use a crew served weapon. As a result of only having three members, detachments like these can be catastrophic if one or more members are injured or killed. Due to this, Crews should be detached sparingly with Teams are considered the basic tactical unit.

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