Rank Structure

Armstrong relies on our professionalism to enable our employees to have the greatest chance of success in our contracts. As a result, Armstrong operates within a hierarchical system developed on our founding as a consulting company.

Partner is the highest rank that can be obtained. Partners are the leader of departments like logistics, production, etc. Due to that, Partners are the most experienced members of Armstrong with a strong understanding of the operation of the corporation.

Associate Partners are highly experienced members of Armstrong who have strong leadership qualities. Associate Partners are not quite as experienced as partners but are able to lead squads effectively and provide technical knowledge in their fields.

Team Coordinators are experienced members of Armstrong who have begun their climb up the corporate ladder. Team Coordinators able to lead teams effectively and efficiently and are expected to continue learning their field.

Senior Contractors are more experienced contractors. Able to lead a couple of their peers into battle, Senior Contractors are still learning higher leadership but are more experienced than just the average employee.

Contractors are the lowest position on the corporate ladder in Armstrong. As a new member, Contractors are expected to learn and follow the lead of more experienced members.

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